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- About Congress: Case reports are defined as the scientific documentation of a single or couple of clinical observation and have a rich history in medicine and scientific publication. Indeed, a case report is a description of important scientific observations that are missed or undetectable in clinical trials and they are at the heart of medicine. For many doctors and other healthcare professionals, writing a case report represents the first effort at getting articles published in medical journals and it is considered a useful exercise in learning how to write scientifically due to similarity of the basic methodology. Case reports are the only way to bring a new disease to the attention of the medical community. New side effects of drugs are also usually reported in case reports. Case reports tend to have low citation value and therefore can negatively affect a journal's impact factor, and prevalence of these articles in high impact journals has been reported as being in decline. We hope you will join us in this meeting. 1 Days - 27 Talks - Awesome Speakers 1 Workshop - Dr. Shahin Akhondzadeh: President - Dr. Seyed Farshad Allameh: Scientific Secretary - Dr. Shahin Hamzelou: Executive Secretary Manuscript Types - Case Report - Medical errors - Teaching Case - Clinical images/multimedia - Scientific Committee: Dr. Ahmadi, Dr. Akhondzadeh, Dr. Alamdari, Dr. Allameh, Dr. Ashouri, Dr. Amini, Dr. Emami Razavi, Dr. Ghiasvand, Dr. Hamzelou, Dr. Karimpour, Dr. Khajavi, Dr. Pazouki, Dr. Raeis Karami, Dr. Ranji, Dr. Rostamian, Dr. Salahshour, Dr. Sherafati, Dr. Taher

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