Dr. Hamidreza Jaafari

Medicine | General Medicine

calendar Joined April 2021
last seen Aug 28 at 3:08 PM

University : Islamic Azad University
Bio :

A general practitioner by education who has gotten MBA as well, an expert in running workshops in managerial soft skills, leadership and management, practical neuroscience, marketing and branding. more than 2000 hours had already been in place by him. He is the CEO of ROMA which is proving services to health industry. There is 15 years of professional background in different levels of Pharmaceutical Industry and 4 years of teaching and facilitation. He is a professional PCC level coach and an MBTI certified practitioner. As well he has been doing translation and two books of HBR has been published by his work under official permission : Opposable Mind ( Mana) , Creating Great Choices ( Mana)

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