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Every worker has a right to have healthy and safe work environment that enable them to have a socially and economically productive life. OHS refers to the legislation, Policies, Producers & activities that aim to protect the health ,safety and welfare of all people at the workplace. Knowing and understanding OHS laws will help you avoid the unnecessary costs and damage to business caused by workforce injuries and illness. In Iran ,according to mineral and industrial needs, occupational health major was established in 1972 academically and train the expert in B.S , MSPH and PhD degrees. Since rapid ,Timely and objective exchanges of scientific information and also national and international relations between all occupational health and safety experts are the basic of access to the aims. So, IOHA was established in 2001,But start its activity since 2007 dynamically. This association is a NGO & the associate only activities in various related scientific,research,expert and technical fields. The duties and objects of IOHA are as follow: - To create scientific,technical,research,and educational relations, and exchange the views between those researchers, professionals, and experts engaged in different branches of occupational health. - To cooperate with the ministry of health ,treatment and medical education as well as universities, educational and research institutes to plan educational and research affairs and to hold retraning seminars. - To assess and review educational and research programs and give required suggestions for the said issues. - To provide educational, scientific, research, and technical services. - To persuade and encourage scientists, researchers, and students to forward scientific, research, and educational activities. - To prepare and publish scientific and educational publications ,hold,retraning and research seminars in Iran or abroad , provided observance of current state rules and regulations.

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