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ROMA mission can be described easily in two words: Improve Professionalism. We believe that only doing what we do, will not work anymore so : we believe that in case we want to develop, it is needed to move FROM COMPLETE things, TO COMPETE. ( to be in a level that we can compete). We are some of YOU so we understand YOUR needs. You can expect services from ROMA in 4 pillars: - Training and education: Soft Skills, Management and Leadership, Marketing and Branding, Practical Neuroscience, etc - Content : we provide podcasts, videocasts, books, articles, or anything else that can help us with our mission. - Events : We believe that if you do not have the time to invest on your personal developments, events should help you to decide on how and where to prioritize. Our events with a competitive advantage of being interdisciplinary would cover management and leadership issues as well as human capital ( national conferences like HR Summit and Coaching Summit) , self development TED-like ( Radde Pa), Industry related topics ( Iran Pharma Forum ), Scientific inter-related conferences ( Personalized Medicine ) - Consultation: Strategic Planning, Agile Transformation implementation, Business Development and Marketing ( Service or Product and Portfolio management), etc You are welcomed to visit:

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