Dr. mohammad banazadeh


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University : Kerman University of Medical Sciences
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I studied pharmacy at Kerman University of Medical Sciences from September 2012 to February 2020 and graduated with a CGPA of 16.86/20. I was also nominated the first rank at the basic sciences exam in the south east pole. Afterwards, I passed my mandatory services as a Research Assistant at the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Cosmetic Products Research Center in collaboration with Kerman Neuroscience Research Center under the supervision of Prof. Hamid Forootanfar and Prof. Mohammad Shabani, respectively. My responsibility was to collaborate with various researchers and publish research articles in addition to working in their laboratory through which I learned many valuable lessons about research group management and problem solving in line with handling laboratory animals and how to utilize laboratory animals in research projects. In the meantime, I published 13 research articles and 3 book chapters mostly in prestigious journals and in well-known publishers, respectively. I am currently looking for a PhD position in the field of Neuroscience.

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